Where should I stay?

We are unable to offer any housing this year for LINK. Upon acceptance, we will be adding you to a LINK 2023 Facebook group that will include the other participants. If you would like, you can coordinate with other participants on housing through the Facebook page.

Do I need to rent a car?

The studios are located at the below address. You may choose to rent a car, walk (if staying nearby – but be mindful the campus has many hills), or use public transportation. 

University of Utah, Marriott Center for Dance 

330 S 1500 E #106, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Where do I park and does it cost?

Parking is limited. You may purchase a daily parking pass for the stadium lot here

Can I book a flight home on May 27?

Saturday is private auditions by invitation only. If participants want to ensure they are available in case they are invited to attend, they should plan to be available until 2pm on that day.

What if a company sends a dancer instead of the director? Does that mean they aren’t really hiring?

Some company director’s aren’t always able to make it to the festival because of scheduling but they send one of their dancers to represent their company and seek out dancers. This has worked well in the past, the dancer will compile a list of dancers they are interested in and the company’s director will zoom into a private audition. The director also has access to your audition videos and submission materials through an online database. So even if the company director is not present they are auditioning.


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