How many pieces can I submit?

As many pieces as you would like! Note: Each piece submission does require an additional fee. 

What if my piece isn’t complete yet?

That’s ok! We welcome all works, completed or in progress. 

Who is eligible for the grand prize?

To be eligible for the grand prize, you must submit a group work with at least three dancers and be registered in the professional category. 

The grand prize winner must be able to set a piece in the Pleasant Grove, Utah area for one week during February or March. SALT2 rehearsals take place weekdays during the moring and afternoon hours. This is important for being considered for the grand prize of setting a piece on SALT2.

Are refunds available?


Can I change my video submission after I register?

If you want to update or change your video after registering, email your new video link to and your registration will be updated. 


How does virtual feedback work?

Virtual participants will be sent a time slot on Saturday, Dec 17. Feedback will be given live over zoom or if you cannot attend a live zoom session, we will email you a recording of feedback. 


Can I attend the classes without submitting a choreography piece?

Yes, you can attend the SHAPE Expo on Saturday without needing to submit a piece for adjudication. 

Can I submit a piece to be adjudicated without attending the expo?

Yes, you can submit a piece to be adjudicated without attending the expo.

When is the adjudication?

In-person submissions will be adjudicated in the evening on Friday, Dec 16. 

How does the adjudication work?

The adjudication feedback will be presented live following the showing of your work. Select pieces will be chosen to perform in the Gala showcase on Sat, Dec 17.


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