Creating Characters: Pirates


Preston Powell Photography

In this series, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the inspirations of the characters of PAN…

“When creating the movement motifs for our pirates, it was important to me to keep in mind what kind of character roles the pirates of Pan played in our show, ” says Eldon Johnson, SALT dancer and PAN choreographer who performs the duel role of Peter’s father and Hook.

“Sword fights, rough housing, slicing, shipwrecks, and life on the ship were all inspirations for creating the phrase work,” he explains.

“At the end of the day, the pirates were an extension of what Hook had turned into, when he had lost track of who he really was. A man who felt abandoned, but had really abandoned himself and the ones who loved him most.”

For the pirates’ costumes, designer Candice Nielsen went with a “dark, bohemian gypsy vibe.”

“A mix of funky prints, scarves, lots of accessories, and, of course, the color black, bring this nefarious gang to life,” she says.

See the pirates come to life in PAN,  the untold story of Peter Pan, which runs through July 28. Purchase tickets to this magical experience.

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