Ready for Audition Season?

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Audition season is coming soon and we’ve rounded up nuggets of advice to help you with this stressful but thrilling time…


“Tailor your training to auditions you’re targeting. “About 60 percent of the classes should mimic movement that you will do in an audition,” says Megan Richardson, a clinical specialist at New York University’s Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. ‘The other 40 percent can supplement.’”

Ashley Rivers, Dance Magazine


“Think of auditions as a free class. It’s not about being better than everyone else in the room; it’s about doing the best you can, learning something new and growing as a dancer and an artist.

Let yourself enjoy the experience and be present in the process. Show them that you’re not there just to get a job, but because you’re passionate about what you do.”

Nile H. Russell, former Pilobolus co-dance captain, Dance Spirit


“Auditioning is a skill. Audition often and know that you can improve your skills. In fact, you may learn the most from your worst audition.”

Nichelle Suzanne, founder of Dance Advantage


“You have to find the right company for you. It might take a few before you find a good fit. Having a dream company is good for motivation, but realize there are so many factors that go into hiring dancers.

If that dream company passes you up because they need a brunette this season that shouldn’t crush your dreams of being a dancer in general.”

Alessa Rogers, dancer with Ballet du Rhin in France, former Atlanta Ballet company member, 4dancers


“Sometimes there’s no better stress relief than to have a friend auditioning alongside you. Having someone in the room to root for and that you know is rooting for you can utterly change the dynamic of the day.”

Julliete Clark, Dance Advantage


“Disregard any feelings of being dispensable. Disregard the critical voice in your head. I remember these lessons being drilled into my ears as a young dancer… “You are one in a million in line for this position. You are replaceable. You are not unique”. This is not true.”

Ashley Werhun, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal company member, 4dancers


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