Dance Networking: 4 Tips

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Photography by Chad Kirkland.

Building connections within the dance world is essential part of gaining professional dance jobs today.

Here are some tips to help you with this sometimes intimidating process:


Cultivate Contacts from School

“When you’re just launching your career, nurture the contacts you’ve made as a student—your teachers, for example, and older students who’ve graduated to professional careers. Ask to meet outside of class to talk about your goals. Be up front: Let them know the type of opportunity you’re seeking. Remember, they have their own network of associates they can contact on your behalf.”

Pointe Magazine


Don’t Just Reach Out Digitally

“The first way many dancers think to get in touch with choreographers is over e-mail, with a resumé, head shot and performance reel. But if you haven’t yet established a relationship, your letter will most likely be tossed aside. At best, you’ll get a reply from an assistant about taking an open class. So take one—or 20.”

Dance Magazine



“Another way to stay in the loop: “Ask to help with a project. It could be as simple as volunteering to run an errand or help out backstage,” says [San Francisco choreographer Joe] Goode. ‘But do it because you’re interested in being near the project, not because it’s your moment to shine.’”

Dance Magazine


Don’t Force It

“Once you’ve made a connection, allow it to develop organically. Forcing things, or trying to be too close too fast, can seem disingenuous or fake.”

Dance Spirit


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